Studio equipment

Mixers, speakers, amplifiers and other pieces of equipment in the studios must be maintained to stay in optimal condition. A module in your mixer is defective? You are having issues with one of your microphones? We can help.

IT equipment

Computers must be maintained periodically to ensure their reliability. We can do this for you, as well as carry out all required updates. Don’t get caught with a computer failure; trust us for the preventive maintenance on your computers.

Transmission chain equipment

As with all your equipment, regular maintenance is essential to long term reliability. We can inspect and maintain broadcast transmitters and their ancillary equipment, such as studio-transmitter links (STL) and transmission line air dryer systems.

Remote technical support

Because we know that you need your infrastructure to be at its best at all times, we offer email, phone and remote computer access support to solve any issues that may arise, quickly. We also offer service plans giving you both peace of mind and savings.