Studio equipment

A good installation is paramount to ensure that the studio will work optimally for years to come. From setup of all the required equipment to custom cabling, we are the solution for a successful, reliable installation.

Automation systems

Modern broadcasting automation systems are very powerful, but can also be complex to setup in an optimal way. We can install, setup and get you going with a variety of automation software available today.

Transmission chain equipment

When installing transmitters, studio-transmitter links, stereo generators, audio processors or any other equipment, a meticulous and documented installation is essential to ensure reliability. Our knowledge of these types of equipment makes us the perfect candidate for your installation.

Remote broadcasting system

While covering a cultural or sports venue, or doing a live show from a client’s shop, remote broadcasting systems are a convenient option for quality audio. We can install and configure your system to ensure that your remote shows go as planned.

IT equipment

We can assemble computers customized for your needs, then install, configure and test all required equipment and software. We can also provide solutions for antivirus software and data backup to ensure that your computers are safe.