Technical planning

Good technical planning is the key to every successful project, no matter how small or big it is. Thanks to our experience, we are the perfect partner to guide you with your equipment choice and infrastructure modification or development.

Project management

From a simple studio overhaul to a complete radio station startup, we have the expertise you need to manage the project from a technical, financial and operational standpoint as well as manage the different contributors.


Broadcasting equipment and software are now versatile and powerful like never before. To get the best return on investment you can, proper training is essential. We offer tailored training on a variety of equipment and software to technicians, talents, program directors and more.

Website development

Did you know that web audio streaming could help you reach a broader audience? We can offer you a modern and functional website. We can also integrate audio streaming and podcasts (free or paid) to help you reach that additional audience. The options are endless!

Network infrastructure planning

Nowadays, a solid and reliable network infrastructure is essential to the smooth operation of a radio station. Does this mean it has to be complicated and expensive? Absolutely not. We believe that simplicity is key. A simple system, equipped with reliable equipment will help reduce risk of problems in the long run.

VoIP systems planning

Telephone companies often do not understand the specifics of phone systems in radio stations. We do. We can guide you in selecting the right equipment and services for your needs. Furthermore, we can communicate directly with the telephone technicians to explain clearly what you need.

Surveillance systems planning

The most critical element of a broadcast installation is often situated in a remote, sometimes hard to reach location; the transmitter. With security cameras, you will be able to ensure that your transmitter is functioning properly, that the surroundings are safe and to verify the generator’s fuel tank level, just to name a few.

Emergency power systems planning

In the event of a power outage, surge or fluctuation, at the station or at the transmitter site, you must be protected. We can help plan an emergency power system including a generator, uninterruptible power supplies and more.

Studio furniture design

Commercially available studio furniture is often overpriced, not customized to your needs and not that ergonomic. With our knowledge, we can design custom furniture that fit your needs and your budgetary constraints and have it professionally fabricated.